Branding and logos! I sometimes wonder why I choose my business name ‘Rubalcava Heritage Services’ as it does not exactly roll off the tongue. I was previously self employed as a wedding florist and managed to build up a very good reputation providing a quality and creative service in a demanding sector, the wedding sector. Thus using my surname ‘Rubalcava’ seemed to make sense. And having Mexican heritage in my background, I’m proud to use what that culture gives to me.

Connecting People to Heritage and Nature

Why Heritage? Under Ireland’s Heritage Act 1995, Nature or Biodiversity is part of what is heritage. I grew up surrounded by trees, wildlife and wildflowers. My love and appreciation of our natural world has now very much become a need in me to protect it as much as I can and hopefully where possible install an awareness and appreciation into others.

This leads me onto services – simply, I hope, and plan to serve Nature. Services – raise awareness of Nature.