Biodiversity Gardening at Colclough Walled Garden, Tintern Abbey

I am very please to announce this latest event in my themed ‘Gardening for Biodiversity’ talks and workshops. I had the pleasure of being invited by Colclough Walled Garden management to give a guided walk & talk using Colclough Walled Garden and Tintern Abbey’s very special natural environment as an outdoor classroom. (June 25th 2pm in Colclough Walled Garden, near Saltmills, Sth Wexford).

What can we as gardeners and horticulturists learn from nature and then translate what we learn into our own gardens and green spaces in order to support our local biodiversity?

Study the flower shapes that bees, butterflies and hoverflies are drawn to. Look at the woodland floor and see over time the rotting leaves and dead wood return to the soil, enriching and allowing soil organisms to do their work. See how wildflower rich grasslands around the Abbey attract more insects than the more manicured urban garden lawns. These are just some of the things that will be part of my outdoor classroom – Biodiversity Gardening at Colclough Walled Garden.

The old head gardener’s cottage (Mr Rose) will provide an ideal setting for part of the walk and talk. Let’s hope he can join us on Saturday!

Mr RoseColclough Walled Garden is part of the Wexford Garden Trail and was originally owned by the Colclough family who lived in Tintern Abbey between the 1600’s and mid 1900’s and last vacated in 1959. It is only since 2010 that the garden is being back to its former glory.