Wildlife and Nature Gardening – A European Perspective

Wildlife Gardening Forum based in the UK are holding a conference this November (www.wlgf.org). Through the Irish Wildlife Trust here in Ireland, I was asked if I’d be interested in sharing my thoughts and experiences from an Irish perspective!

Building on from my successful ‘Gardening for Biodiversity’ talks I’ll be sharing what I know about #peatfree gardening. Coming from Ireland, where our bogs are still being used to feed Irish, British and even European pots and gardens I’ll be focusing on ‘The Brown Stuff – Looking after our Roots’. Dipping into what Ireland’s horticultural sector has to offer the gardener, or even better looking at what the gardener can do in their own garden to reduce the over dependency on our peatlands.

Looking forward to hearing other European perspectives on Wildlife Gardening or Nature Gardening. Get out there and start your leaf mould!!