wildlifeWith the help of Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund through Wicklow County Council, I am delivering a range of talks and workshops. These are aimed at gardeners and community groups to give them the knowledge, skills and tools to help them make a difference.

In the past gardeners, horticulturists and all green fingered people (and I include myself) have a lot to answer for with the use of unsustainable products and practices. For example the introduction of invasive species like Japanese knotweed or giant hogweed, continued use of peat as a growing medium to name a few. However we are also well placed to make a huge contribution to more sustainable practices be it using peat free composts, supporting initiatives to rid us of invasive species or helping to spread the word about ways to garden that supports, protects our local biodiversity and use out natural resources in a more responsible manner.

These workshops focus on Gardening for Wildlife, Water Conservation, Peat Free composts, Wildflower Gardening, and Trees for Wildlife. Each workshop finishes with a range of ‘eco-pledges’. Each person is asked to commit to an eco-pledge. Whether that might be to engage with one of the Irish environmental organisations, or taking on a big wildflower project in their own garden or open public space – every positive step helps!