The River Derry Bubbles Project is a pilot project. It had its beginnings in 2017 when a number of events took place in Tinahely, South Wicklow aimed at family groups and individuals who wanted to learn more about their local river, biodiversity and catchment area.

A ‘catchment’ is described as a community related by water (Streamscapes – 2014 (EPA, 2015).

I organised and led guided walks focusing on various aspects of the Derry River and environment with the help of outreach artist Maeve Hunter. The walks followed the Derry as it travelled through Tinahely and the nearby Tomnafinnoge Woods.

Overall Aim:

To develop and provide a range of community outreach projects resulting in the improved implementation of the Water Framework Directive

Aims of Main Project:

  • To raise awareness of the River Derry and its catchment areas (including wetland areas)
  • To encourage communities to be more involved in river and catchment protection, and their enjoyment of these areas, fulfilling one of the objectives of the Water Framework Directive
  • To animate the project by using bubbles to narrate the story of the benefits, issues and wildlife that a catchment and the river has to offer the local community.
  • To strengthen links between river and the local community
  • To use a variety of media that will help encourage community involvement in the increased awareness and enjoyment and bringing about increased appreciation of the wider catchment
  • To develop material resulting in a range of community/catchment art and craft projects

As the project develops, I will continue to add to the story of The River Derry Bubbles for it is due to the water cycle and the flow of the river that these bubbles will tell the story of the full journey down the Derry, into The Slaney and eventually the Irish Sea. And who knows back again via the South Wicklow mountains.