B2B – Businesses and the All Ireland Pollinator Plan


Becoming a business supporter of the AIPP herself, Sarah has recently commenced working with businesses who themselves have signed up to the AIPP. Her passion and capacity to raise awareness of the plight our pollinators, Sarah, with her horticultural background, aims to proactively support businesses guiding them with a suite of measures that will contribute to the implementation of the AIPP, now in its second 5-year cycle.

As a business supporter of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP) myself, I take pride in this work and make every effort to help those who are eager to help our pollinators and local biodiversity SR

Have you signed up to the AIPP?

I can organise, create and deliver:

  • Training to raise awareness and guide what your company can do to help our pollinators.
  • Easy and achievable plans specific to your needs be it attractive planting plans, incorporating a reduced mowing regime on your grassy areas or reaching out and supporting your local community group, or host a wildflower/tree walk on the company grounds.
  • Ways to be pollinator friendly without having extensive grounds using clever container gardening methods. Many herbs
  • Daily five a day: identify five of the best wildflowers in your grassed areas. Many grassed areas are mown weekly or fortnightly. However, these same grass areas contain five of the best wildflowers for our hungry pollinators. Dandelions, self-heal, bird’s foot trefoil, red & white clover provide essential pollen and nectar and it is very likely they are present in your grassland areas.

Being a business partner myself, I understand your desire to do as much as you can to help our pollinators but also I understand your wish to have your grounds (my garden) as attractive as possible. I can help make it a ‘win-win’ for all concerned.

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