As part of every project, training programme, guided heritage/nature walk, or even seeking and securing funds, a well-researched proposal is needed. As part of my career I have developed a range of projects and based on my excellent research skills, these projects have gone on to secure grants. I can also help put together the background information for organisations. Please contact me.

As a result of my ‘Gardening for Biodiversity’ training project which I continually develop, enrich, and expand on, I have particularly focused on and expanded the pollinator friendly gardening as detailed above but also I have focused on peatfree gardening.

Peatfree Gardening is not only sustainable, but it can help us manage our food and garden waste, protect our threatened peatlands, provide for rural development but especially help us combat Climate Change. I have helped Kells in Co. Meath go #peatfree. Please contact me to help your town or village go #peatfree.


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