In 2019, I was so pleased to be recommended by Sarah Malone, Leitrim’s Heritage Officer to her fellow heritage officer next door in Cavan, Anne Marie Curley. After completing a pollinator friendly training programme in Leitrim, Anne Marie invited me to quote for a similar community training project focusing on the All Ireland Pollinator Plan.

I’m currently working again (Autumn 2021) with Anne Marie, training groups in the Geopark area of Cavan. Not only am I raising awareness of the AIPP, but I’m getting down to the nitty gritty of how people can plan their areas be it community spaces or garden for planting. Using the right colours, using native species in the rural areas, using perennials, trees and shrubs to provide all year round colour for the community and at the same time valuable food sources for our wild pollinators is very much the order of the day.