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About Me

I am a qualified horticulturalist with a Masters in Environmental Resource Management. My interests are firmly rooted in sustainable gardening, biodiversity, and heritage. I enjoy using my creative ability in organising programmes of workshops and events in the voluntary and community sectors. I am passionate about helping community groups and organisations develop biodiversity projects and plans that will bring about a more sustainable type of living and protection of our environment.

I was lucky enough to grow up in rural upland Dublin, near Shankill, on the lower slopes of Carrick Golloghan hill and close to the Ballycorus Leadmines. My early experiences with nature led me to UCD where I gained a degree in Landscape Horticulture. Following this, I spent time in the horticultural & floristry worlds, concentrating on the garden centre and wedding flower environments. This allowed me to bring plants into people’s lives using a variety of floral avenues!

In 2009, I took the brave step and returned to college and completed a Masters in Environmental Resource Management. My thesis focused on the heritage features and planning implications of the Dublin Mountains Way, a welcome addition to Ireland’s walking trail network. In recent years I have been successful in securing grants enabling me to deliver a range of biodiversity themed projects with community and school groups. I have also worked closely with a number of Tidy Town groups and helped them develop local plans and projects.