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Gardening for Wildlife Workshops

Are you a community group or Tidy Town’s Group that needs help to develop more wildlife friendly and sustainable spaces and practices through gardening?

I have developed a range of workshops aimed at helping people who want to protect and improve local biodiversity through gardening more sustainably. Gardeners, and community workers are so well placed to make a difference to their local biodiversity. Actions identified at county level (Heritage Action Plans/Biodiversity Action Plans) to raise awareness of biodiversity, promote more sustainable practices and protect biodiversity are incorporated into these workshops.

Heritage Interpretation

Are you a heritage officer, community group or manager of a heritage feature, trail or site? Do you need help interpreting heritage features so that community members and visitors alike will appreciate, enjoy and value them?

I can help you gather the stories, facts and figures. Using themes, well chosen words in addition to knowing your visitors, I can help transform the facts and figures gained into inspiring, thought provoking and meaningful visitor experiences.

Are you owners of a heritage garden estate open to the public and need your visitors to have magical experiences?

With a landscape horticultural qualification and a range of experiences, I can help bring alive your garden plant collections, build insightful garden trails, and tell the stories once whispered in the Head Gardener’s tool sheds.

Lead and organise heritage & wildlife walks

Specialising in a range of themes based on my experiences – this service is aimed at school and community groups that wish to celebrate their local nature site (including nature on school grounds) during the year or on key dates (National Tree Day in October, National Tree Week in March, May’s Biodiversity Week and Heritage Week in August).