Earlier in 2021, I was approached be Takeda Pharmaceuticals Ltd, (Bray Office). They had recently signed up as business supported of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP).

Initially, I took part in their week long staff programme of half hour talks @Lunch & Learn focusing on biodiversity, Climate Change and other environmental issues. During lunch, a group of 30 or so staff members joined me (through Teams) to hear more about the AIPP and what individuals can do to help our wild pollinators.

Sebastian, Takeda’s Sustainability Lead, contacted me again in September to get more help. As a business supporter of the AIPP, businesses are obliged to put in place various pollinator friendly measures. Takeda’s office in Bray has some good ground, grass areas and shrub/trees areas.

After a site visit, I was able to recommend a number of measures including the six week mow regime along with the planting of 1,000 mixed crocus bulbs! Crocus are ideal in these situations and very pollinator friendly and work well in the six week mow regime, where grass is cut every six weeks allowing dandelions, clover and other flowers to flourish.

I look forward to developing this B2B partnership as there are more opportunities for sensitive planting in urban and sub-urban areas for pollinators and providing colour and interest for staff.