I am a qualified Landscape Horticulturalist with a Masters in Environmental Resource Management. Having a varied and valuable work experience including experience with a range of ENGO’s, nurseries/garden centres and as a self-employed person has given me the knowledge and skills to be able to seek out bespoke solutions (e.g. pollinator friendly planting plans for community groups), creative and well researched projects (e.g. River Derry Bubbles Project & Pollinator Friendly Guidelines for Cavan County Council).

What’s important to me: I have come to this point of my career having flowers as a core focus. I recognize that my horticultural ancestors have made mistakes (introduction of invasive species, use of peat based compost to name a few) but I believe that I can contribute to a more sustainable and biodiversity friendly way of managing our community, private and public spaces. My excellent knowledge of amenity, non-native but pollinator friendly plants allows me to help those who want to make their business grounds and community spaces provide suitable forage and at the same time be attractive for us both mentally and physically.

I will take every opportunity to raise awareness and guide those who are eager to make a difference to our local and national biodiversity, to encourage people to do the right thing, especially with regards to native hedgerow planting, using native locally sourced wildflower seed, the promotion of the local flora seedbank, the use of reduced peat based compost or indeed peat-free compost, providing for our managed and wild pollinators, using our local water resources sustainably.

Environmental background

    • My Master’s degree in Environmental Resource Management improving my analytical and research skills adding value to my creative and horticultural skills and knowledge.
    • Research projects covering heritage tree trails, Water Resources, peat-free gardening
    • Extensive work experience focusing on the AIPP and sustainable gardening themes
    • Develop a range of projects and training programs (River Derry Bubbles Project and my long running ‘Gardening for Biodiversity’ programme, guidelines and community outreach events focusing on various biodiversity related themes

Garden/horticulture background:

    • Experience with garden plans, knowledge of plants, native and non-native species
    • Landscape horticulture degree.
    • Wildflower identification


Community engagement

    • Worked with community groups, school groups and environmental organisations
    • Experience with grant proposals including LEADER and County Council grants
    • Tidy Town plans
    • Guided heritage & biodiversity walks & talks